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Mistakes Commonly Made by Chinese Companies Assigning Staff to UK

6th June 2017

Find out the thoughts of Sherrards, Laurel Zhang, on the mistakes Chinese companies are making when assigning staff to the UK.


Solicitor Laurel (Xueying) Zhang heads up the firm’s China and Far East Group. She is a native Mandarin speaker, originally from Beijing, Laurel has worked on a number of cross-border Chinese-related deals, and focuses on assisting our Chinese, Taiwanese and Far Eastern clients coming into the UK and Europe, by way of inward investment, as well as assisting our UK client base with their interests overseas, across China, Taiwan and the Far East. For more details about our China Group please contact Laurel or email
Melissa Menelaou

About Melissa Menelaou

Melissa is the Marketing Executive at Sherrards Solicitors and manages Sherrards internal marketing, events and social media platforms.


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